YEAR: 2015

The Smart Cloud's little brother - Cloud Guide. Tiny Cloud is a new journey in the evolutionary process of Richard Clarkson Studio. Specifically designed as a smaller and lower price point version of the Smart Cloud, it can be used in tandem or as a stand-alone piece. Staying true to the original Smart Cloud, Tiny Cloud features an LED reactive Bluetooth speaker, ambient light mode and a new ‘demo mode’, which allows the user to experience all features simultaneously. As the brand expands from its cloud-based origins with other projects and products, Tiny Cloud is homage to the  beginnings of Richard Clarkson Studio and a beacon for future Cloud and non-Cloud products by Richard Clarkson Studio.


Tiny Cloud is a new addition to the range of Speaker/Lighting systems produced by Richard Clarkson Studio. At 8” (200mm) in diameter, the smaller size enables more versatile installation and placement within a space. Each Tiny Cloud is equipped with 3 different installation options:

  1. Using the provided lightbulb socket-to-outlet adapter, Tiny Cloud can be installed by screwing the adapter directly into any standard screw socket.
  2. Removing the lightbulb socket-to-outlet adapter reveals a standard USA 2 prong power plug that can be plugged directly into a nearby wall outlet. Adapters may be required for outlets outside of the USA.
  3. As a last resort, the USA 2 prong power plug can be removed to reveal a USB connection that can be plugged directly into any USB port.

 Size comparison between Smart Cloud vs. Tiny Cloud - both in Rainbow Lamp Mode.

Size comparison between Smart Cloud vs. Tiny Cloud - both in Rainbow Lamp Mode.

8" x 8" x 7" (approximate measurements as each Tiny Cloud is hand-made and unique in shape). Input Voltage 110-240v at 50-60Hz.

  • Features: Color changing LEDs, remote, integrated bluetooth speaker, 6ft cord length, lightbulb-to-plug adapter.
  • Modes: Music reactive mode, lightning mode, ambient-lamp mode and demo mode.

The power cord of each Tiny Cloud is 6’ (2m) long and can be adjusted using the set screw at the top of the Tiny Cloud.


Tiny Cloud brings with it a realization of Clarkson’s desire to design moments, which he defines as being deeper than objects and more natural than interactions. Often inspired by his own personal experiences of staring at stars, watching flowing water and yes, being amazed by lightning strikes, Clarkson seeks to share these mesmerizing and awe inspiring fragments of time and space.

“There are too few precious moments in life where our very essence of being is reflected back onto ourselves. In these moments we become a part of a timescale separate from our own, a dreamlike state in which we no longer sit at the center of the universe but are granted the privilege to look upon it. These are the moments I seek to share. These are the experiences I seek to design.”