YEAR: 2016

Shortly after we expanded the Cloud range to include the Tiny Cloud we began thinking about other ways to offer people specific features and aesthetic at a range of price points. We wanted to create something that was more similar to a traditional lamp - something that would be simpler than our interactive clouds. Working with Vita Copenhagen hardware we were able to create a system that did exactly that. The threaded sockets of the Vita hardware allows for not only very easy installation but also a more streamlined production process and thus a more affordable price point. With this in mind we were also able to source a larger size range of moulds to create the Shades. We settled on a range of four sizes; small, medium, large and huge. The range of sizes was the final step in an effort to create a scalable system. By combining a range of sizes into a cloud cluster clients are able to create larger and more organic looking cloud scapes.

Vita also offers a tripod style floor stand and shorter desk stand. Both utilize the same screw socket design of the pendant style cordsets. Using an inverse arrangement of the mounting and bulb access holes we were able to very easily integrate the stands into the system. To streamline the purchasing and checkout process we left the Pendant and floor stands as one 'product' where a client is able to first select the desired Cloud size then what sort of installation (pendant swag, pendant hardwire, floor standing or desk standing) and the color of the installation hardware (either white or black). The pricing for each of the installation types is the same.

Cloud shades with different colour temperature LED bulbs (left 5000k daylight, right 2700k soft white)

Custom Cloud Shade 5ft long.

Custom Cloud Shade with both omi and spot LED bulbs.