Collaboration with Damon Ahola
Instructors - Rinat Aruh & Johan Liden of Aruliden

Protest is an urban survival kit that features the B. Super product range. B. Super imagines a world where participants can feel equipped to speak out. The tongue-in-cheek protest utility belt provides a variety of tools that “allow you to hope for the best, yet be equipped for the worst.” Designers Damon Ahola and Richard Clarkson were intrigued with the iconography of superheroes in pop culture and pairing this concept with the personality and styling elements of street culture and skateboarding.


Each individual B. Super product aids the protester to deal with a particular problem. The respirator mask 'Breath', helps protesters survive airborne toxins, 'Relieve', a lemon juice dispenser, treats the sting of pepper spray. 'Disguise' is a fake mustache kit, enabling protestors to elude authorities. 'Hide' provides a larger mask to protect the users identity and 'Declare' is a pull-out marker board for ad-hoc signage. 'Repair', a duct tape dispenser, allows for all manner of jerry-rigging.

For product packaging, Ahola and Clarkson designed a set of discreet brown paper bags featuring graphic icons and text. A strip of color at the bottom of each bag indicates the color highlight of the corresponding product and a freestanding POS display presents the brands product line as serious yet playful.