Collaborative project with Damon Ahola,Cassandra Michel & Rona Binay

Intervention/Interaction, taught by Sigi Moeslinger and Masamichi Udagawa of Antenna Design, explores how artifacts in a public space can change behavior by soliciting or enabling interaction. Challenged to design a public intervention, students Damon Ahola, Rona Binay, Richard Clarkson and Cassandra Michel devised Pedal for Change, an installation that entices New York City subway riders to stop, sit and pedal while waiting for their train.


By pedaling a stationary cycle, users both enhance their health and earn credit on their MTA MetroCard. For every dollar of credit earned, MTA makes a matching donation to a local or national physical fitness charity. Select station mezzanine areas with ample space were selected for their high foot traffic, and ability to accommodate users with varying levels of fitness.

One learning goal of the class was to illuminate how shared resources mediate relationships. By encouraging charity, conversation and healthy citywide competition, Pedal for Change spurs new interactions while serving the public good.