YEAR: 2015

Meural is a dynamic WiFi-connected digital canvas. No longer do you need to swap out the frame when changing the art or photography on your wall. With Meural it’s all right there in your home, on your wall, in one beautiful design. Looks matter. The matte display means you’ll have a hard time convincing visitors that 'Yes, it is a digital display and not a print. Yes, really. REALLY!'

Meural is motion-controlled. Wave your hand in front of the frame, and the image on your wall will change. Go deeper with web and mobile apps and explore the vast Meural artwork collection, create a timeline to plan your gallery, upload your own images and more. It’s your journey, your experience.

The design for the Meural frame is inspired by the past and poised for the future. The proportions and materiality are a humble reference to canvas frames and traditional wall decor, with the modernity of current high-end technology devices. Richard Clarkson Studio worked closely with Meural to design two versions of the frame. The first, a more adventurous form, called "Lightbox". Specifically designed to add emphasis to the artwork by creating a floating effect and using a frame within a frame. The second version, available in black or white, is more simplistic. It is symbolic of the classic frame with clean bold lines meeting a flush bookboard and digital surface. All frames are built  with consciously-sourced, soft maple wood to add warmth to the touch and eye.

Additional power cord colors are black, white and sky blue. “The approach I took was the idea that a photo frame or painting would still retain its essence and that feeling of being a frame, but would sort of celebrate it’s new evolution in the form of a digital surface." Meural is a celebration of art through a new medium.


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