YEAR: 2015

Based on Steven Connor's research (author of A Philosophy of Fidgets) these ball bearings are the perfect embodiment of what one might identify as the ideal 'fiddle-able' object, used to provoke mental clarity by performing an oscillating action with a particular object or set of objects. By rolling one ball over the other or shaking the pair in ones hand, the repetitive motion allows you to mentally remove yourself from your immediate environment into ones own subconscious. In this way, Fiddle balls become a necessary accessory to thought, an external 'thinking thing', a tool for the doodler of the mind.

At 5/8" diameter each, Fiddle balls are the perfect size-to-weight ratio; not too large as to become cumbersome in the pocket and weighty enough to feel substantial in the hand. The steel and brass material options allow for slight difference in weight, the steel pair weighing 1.2oz (34g) and the brass at 1.3oz (36g) per pair.

Developed specifically as a relaxation tool and made to be fiddled with, Fiddle balls have very simple instructions, installation and care:

Step 1: Buy Fiddle Balls

Step 2: Keep your Fiddle Balls in the pocket of your favorite jacket

Step 3: Fiddle your balls in your pocket

All humour aside, Fiddle balls are more than just something to play with; $1 per sale will be donated to testicular cancer research and awareness through the Movember Foundation