Collaboration with Joseph Weissgold
Instructor - Ingrid Fetell of IDEO 

Everywhere is an app that connects buyers to sellers - a non-commercial concept aiming to design a personal, mobile, retail format that gives users a new way to engage with the eBay brand, through a popup retail experience. Everywhere brings forth new perspectives of in-person mobile commerce, exploring very powerful questions relating to today's consumerist society, such as, "what is shopping?" and "what is a store?".

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People carry around many things they don’t use on a daily basis, which suggests that we often carry more than we need. Consider the notion of wishlists and the difference between a want and a need - Do people know what they really need? And if given the opportunity to sell the items in your pockets or handbag, what would you sell?

Everywhere offers a unique opportunity for users to engage in a truly mobile marketplace with personal and secure transactions. Everywhere offers a new approach to shopping that takes the pain out of searching for the perfect item. PayPal, and eBay’s current geolocating infrastructure allows the Everywhere platform to use predictive geotracking while the calendar sync feature allows for mass individualization.

For sellers, this platform invites shoppers who may usually be less engaged or deterred by technological security systems. At the same time, Everywhere supports online retail sellers by allowing them to sell through multiple channels.