The Products of Design students from School of Visual arts MFA program presented a series of designs centered on interactions exploring how we experience new design. Through a roving set of mobile interventions, visitors participated in an unfolding narrative based on celebration, sustainability, digital mediation, storytelling and scale. Each expanding the conversation around design beyond form, function and materiality. 

BOOM | What would objects say if they could speak?

A smartphone kaleidoscope design exposed the distortion of the constantly consuming experiences we have through our screens; a set of viewmasters allowed participants to see things around them that are usually unseen, un-wanted or marginalized. A sound crew with microphones and headphones invited visitors to listen to the untold stories of objects, while a digital microscope on a remote cable revealed hidden design details invisible to the naked eye. A die-cutting station prompted guests to transform their printed materials and invited them to share their experiences with one another. Through this series of moving, interactive installations, the exhibition allowed visitors to see design through a variety of new lenses.

TINY | How does scale effect our experience of the world around us?

MASK | Is modern design and technology a help or a hindrance?

WARP | How can we express the multi-facetted design experience?

HERE | Does design ground experiences or promote escapism?

LIFT | Is design inclusive or exclusive?