Rotary mechanical smartphone brings life to everyday digital objects. Smart objects have come to define us as a generation and as a population, but who and what defines these objects? We should not be content with rectangular touchscreens because there is still opportunity to create increasingly immersive and tangible interfaces.


Rotary questions the ‘digital take-over’ of everyday objects and what we lose in the process. The phone is designed to have its electronics modularly replaced as new technology becomes available, thus helping to reduce obsolescence.


The concept behind Rotary was to create an object you would want to become a usable family heirloom, a digital object that you could cherish and pass on to your children for generations. Imagine a standardized system of electronics that allows you to easily and inexpensively exchange olds components for new ones, despite the brand, age or original object. Rotary consists of two interchangeable brass dials, a true rotary dial, a button dial and the body is electroplated copper designed to age.