Installing / Hanging

When it comes to putting one of our lighting pieces in its new home, there a few things to consider when it comes to the pendant lamp style, pendant being a lamp that hangs from a cord or support cable off the ceiling. There are two main forms of hanging a light fixture: Swag Kit or Hardwire Kit.

Swag Option.
The Swag option is easier to install, it involves installing a hook (called a Swag hook) into the ceiling then running the cord along the ceiling to the nearest outlet or extension cord. Instead of the hook it can also be installed onto a beam, pipe or rig. This option typically comes with 10ft (3m) of electrical cord, a US polarised plug, a switch near the plug end, two hooks and two cord grips / rings. Please note the hooks that come with your lamp may need appropriate anchors (not included) depending on the material of your ceiling.

Hardwire Option.
This option involves the necessity of a junction box (also known as an electrical box or octagon box) in the location in which the lamp is going and a local electrician to do the installation. If you are replacing an existing pendant or planning to use our designs in a new building or renovation this option may be prefered as it can give a cleaner look than the Swag option. This option typically comes with 6ft (2m) of electrical cord, a 5" canopy, mounting kit, exposed wires, cord grip and wire nuts. 


Some of our products have other hanging options available, the Tiny Cloud and Cloud Shade-RGB (small and medium sizes) for instance have a range of Stands they can be used with. Our Cloud Shade-Bulb clouds also have a desk and floor stand version. If you are interested in these but for other product lines or any other styles of mounting please contact us and we will see what we can do.

Each of our designs may have slightly different variations on the two installation styles but almost all of our hanging light pieces have both options available. For instance our Cloud Shade-RGB, Mobile, Saber and a few other pieces use external power supplies that drop 110-240 volts down to the 5volt or 12volt level that particular design uses. These power supplies can still be hardwired using our pigtail adapter (included in the hardwire kit) as long as the junction box is big enough to house them but may involve cutting the cord at some point to thread it through the canopy kit and cord grip. Once in place the wire can be spliced back together.