YEAR: 2016

Designed specifically as a terrarium for ferns, moss, succulents and aquatic plants, the Globe is a suspended glass globe available in both 12" and 8" diameters. The design of the Globe creates a unique viewing perspective of your plants, often providing intense magnification or complete disappearance, depending on your position around the Globe. The 12" size is capable of holding 4 gallons of water and is suspended on an incredibly strong, 1/16" steel cable. Once your Globe arrives, simply plant as you would a standard terrarium or aquatic plant tank, slide the lid in place and hang from a suitable support.

To fill a larger space hang multiple Globes together at slightly different heights to create pods of 3 or 5 with a range of both sizes. Combine both earth plants and aquatic plants in one cluster for more visual variation. Please note Globe does not come with any plants, water or soil. Planting it is half the fun!

For earth based plants consult your local plant nursery store for more information about varieties of plants that thrive in closed and semi closed terrariums and best practises for caring for them.

For aquatic plants consult your local aquarium store about the types of aquatic plants and mosses that don't require a filter, heater or Carbon dioxide system. We've found Java Moss and moss balls work exceptionally well even without substrate.