YEAR: 2014

Also known as Smart Cloud in our Cloud Guide. The Cloud is an Arduino-controlled, motion-triggered lightning & thunder performance, as well as a music-activated visualizing speaker. As an interactive lamp and speaker system designed to mimic a thundercloud in appearance, The Cloud employs embedded motion sensors to create unique lightning and thunder shows while providing entertainment value and inspiring awe. This is a kind of magic, not based on illusions and trickery, but on sensors and code. Featuring a powerful speaker system, The Cloud allows its beholder to stream music via any Bluetooth compatible device and can adapt to any desired lighting and color.

Photo by Greg Broom

Photo by Greg Broom

Acting as both an immersive lightning experience and visual feedback integrated speaker, The Cloud introduces innovative physical computing and interaction design hardware by bringing this technology into the home. The Cloud celebrates collaborative code, free-sharing and accessing prototyping information. The code is available to the public to use and improve, to provide blueprints for the next generation of smart objects. 


Inexpensive and easy to program microprocessors allow designers and tinkerers to understand the nature of electronic goods, and therefore enable the creation of new and increasingly meaningful interactions.

The Cloud is made by felting hypoallergenic fiberfill to a sponge casing which holds the speakers and componentry within. Users control the functions of The Cloud  through a small, wireless remote.

Photo by Bridget Badore

Photo by Bridget Badore

Recent work to expand the clouds music reactive code by creative technologist Oscar de la Hera enables the cloud to react to voice and ambient sounds as well sound systems and other Smart Clouds.